Changes to our booking and postage charges for performances from 6 April 2017.

The following fees will apply for all tickets purchased for performances at or produced by Barbican Theatre

FOR ALL BOOKINGS from 6 April: 

  • A £2 card processing fee is applicable on all bookings made using a credit or debit card online, by phone and in person.  This is charged per transaction, not per ticket and is reflective of what the banks charge us. To avoid paying this fee tickets can be paid for by cash or cheque. 
  • An optional £1 postage fee applies should you request your tickets to be posted to you – up to a maximum of eleven tickets (postage charges for orders exceeding 11 tickets is £2). If you choose to collect your tickets from the box office (in advance or at the time of the performance) this fee will not apply.


  • A £1 per ticket/person booking fee is applicable on all bookings made online, by phone and in person, for any payment method.  (PLEASE NOTE: any shows already on sale before 6 April will not incur this new per ticket/person charge)

Why have we introduced these new booking fees?

  •  Against a background of reduced public sector funding and a challenging economic climate Barbican Theatre is a small charity that is constantly facing the challenge of balancing its books whilst striving to maintain a high level of customer service.
  •  We have significantly improved our Box Office and online booking service in recent years by using a market leading system supplier. However, this has come with additional costs and as we have sold more tickets the service charges we incur have increased.
  •  The booking fee per ticket has been introduced to cover the annual costs of providing the web based box office system. Staffing, administration and physical ticket costs are still being covered elsewhere in the business. The introduction of these booking fees will ensure that we can continue with our current supplier and maintain the level of customer service our audience have come to expect.
  •  From our research we know our new booking fees are equal to / cheaper than other entertainment venues and theatres of a similar scale in the South West – we only charge what is necessary to cover our service costs.

The alternative:

  •  If we were unable to afford to run our won web based box office system we would be obliged to use a ticket agent to sell our tickets all of whom would charge customers significantly higher booking fees.

We will continue to strive to offer the best possible service to our audiences when booking tickets and the process of booking will remain the same as before