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FUSE: Barbican Theatre's new 4 year diverse dance programme

A Christmas Note to the Dancers of Plymouth,

As all of the Christmas lights and celebrations decorate Plymouth, the Fuse team are reflecting back on the amazing spark, passion and energy that you all put into Fagin’s Twist, Light The Fuse and Illuminate this year. Thank you so much for your contribution. It has been such a pleasure to dance with you all and also bring different groups across the city together. 

The two contrasting projects with Avant Garde’s ‘Fagin’s Twist’ and then Illuminate have offered us a chance to experiment with fusing dance styles, celebrating the diverse culture of the city and building unique productions that weave together innovative choreography, dance and the people of Plymouth. 246 dancers, 17 days of dance, 3500 audience!! People, rhythm and conversations are our new years resolutions. Check out our film showing the rehearsal process for Fagin’s Twist here: (produced by the awesome Matt Fowler)

There is so much talent, commitment, innovation and potential in the city and the team are very grateful to have met you all. As a little gift, check out some photographs and films of our time together this year.

 ‘Put on Your Red Shoes’  is  the next big thing… and we need your dancing feet!

Join one of our three  Fuse Companies for a weekly rehearsal and a chance to perform in an innovative, beautiful original dance theatre production. Poster below.

 All dance styles will be revealed as the audience peaks around doors, pulls back curtains and peers through the light of the moon as they experience Plymouth Athenaeum and our dancing city in a whole new light.

Lets dance together again in 2019!!!

Best Wishes & Merry Christmas

Suzie West, Heather Richmond, Gil Ratcliffe, Shinjita Roy, Clare Parker & Reetta Kivimaa



FUSE Diverse Dance Blog

We’ve got a FUSE Diverse Dance blog, with new posts written each month by our FUSE Diverse Dance Lead Practitioner and Choreographer, suzie West:

Blog 2 (Sept 2018) ‘The Fuse Is Lit: A Colourful Explosion’

Blog 1 (Aug  2018) ‘A slice of my life as the new FUSE Diverse Dance Lead Practitioner’

Barbican Theatre (Plymouth) is excited to announce initial plans for it’s 4 year diverse dance programme which will collectively be known as FUSE: DIVERSE DANCE.

Barbican Theatre has a strong history of dance development over the last 30 years and FUSE is the exciting next step. FUSE is a brand new diverse dance project funded by Arts Council England. It aims to create a new way of making dance by bringing together diverse communities, local dancers and guest choreographers as equal partners – to have fun, share dance styles and create mind blowing new performances for public audiences.

Barbican Theatre’s CEO Sheila Snellgrove says

 FUSE changes how we deliver dance moving us away from one off projects towards a facilitative role in which our experience can support a process of training and empowerment for diverse dance artists in Plymouth over a 4 year period. This will enable us to support the resilience and capacity of diverse dance artists in our city to lead dance practise to a new level contributing a distinctive element to major city festivals such as Illuminate and Mayflower 400”


To develop FUSE: DIVERSE DANCE as a brand Barbican Theatre worked with local designer Dave Tetely of 51 Studio who has created previous branding and artwork for their #BardInTheYard campaigns and rebranded Barbican Theatre Performance Training in 2017.

Barbican Theatre’s Marketing & Communications Manager, Jo Cann, says

“We chose FUSE as we felt it represented the mission of our diverse dance programme on two levels; to fuse dance styles, artists and communities but also to ‘light a fuse’ – empowering people to explore their own movement and with that their health and well-being, but also to reveal new and exciting dance performances they want to watch.”  

In 2019 there will be a first choreographic production using a spine of local professional dance artists working with a number of different dance genres brought together in a narrative structure. This will be evaluated and the learning will shape an expanded dance production celebrating dance in our city as part of 2020 celebrations.

There will be a number of opportunities to work with Barbican Theatre on FUSE and our first appointment will be for a FUSE Lead Choreographer / Dance Practitioner. Details of the position including dates, salary and job description can be found at Watch out for further recruitment opportunities in June and July!

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