Horizon Project ‘Dance Response To Protest’ part of We The People Are The Work

Taking inspiration from the thoughts, conversation and slogans generated during workshops for ‘We The People Are The Work’ (WTP) Horizon has been working with Exim Dance and The Barbican Theatre to deliver ‘dance response to protest’ a dance piece responding to visual arts in the city.  

Artist Peter Liversidge worked with, and gathered slogans from, a range of people in the city as part of his piece during WTP.  From these slogans signs were generated.  Through this project the groups explored the slogans and also looked at how the idea of protest made them feel and want to move.

Schools from the Learning Academies Trust (Prince Rock, Salisbury Road and Woodfield Primary Schools) and Spaceshot youth group from Ernesettle have been working on the project alongside Exim Dance and practitioners from the Barbican Theatre.

All groups worked with their dance leader for 4-6 weeks to develop and grow their own thoughts, ideas and choreography.  

 The project culminated with a sharing back at the Barbican Theatre, during which each group shared with the others their final pieces.  Performers ranged from age 7-15 and all produced piece with a huge variety of movement and themes.

There were 91 children and young people that participated in the event. 64 answered the evaluation sheets

-Over half, 88%, stated that they were excited to perform in a theatre, felt engaged by the new skills that they learnt and were inspired by the themes being explored

-83% said they felt part of the performance all or most of the time

-92% were excited to see other groups perform

-81% would like to perform in a theatre again

Most of the children had never performed in a theatre before so this was a really special experience for them.  it was also the first project when Barbican and Exim collaborated alongside a visual arts project to make work.

Film credit: Gemma Smith