Support Indra’s Crowdfunder!

Our INDRA International Theatre Connections Group have been invited to the 2018 INDRA International Congress in South Africa.

There are INDRA groups in the UK, Palestine, India, South Africa, Nigeria, Brazil, Cyprus and Greece. The groups use the arts to explore issues that are important to the young people and every few years they hold a congress – the 2018 International Congress is in Durban, South Africa in July 2018. At the Congress representatives from all member countries to the Congress to share their stories and ideas over the week and create new work together. Previous International Congresses were held in Plymouth, Derry and Palestine. 

We want to take 4 of our young members to the Congress (all of which had to submit an application of why they should be chosen to go) and need your help to raise £5,000 to pay for their flights and travel to South Africa. We have set up a Crowdfunder to do this. There are some great rewards for some of the pledge values including having your name . company logo on the t-shirts being worn by our team at the Congress and the chance to come to a future INDRA performance. Our Crowdfunder will run from 13 March to 9 April so please pledge what to can to help us enable our young people to be a part of the INDRA Congress 2018 and represent our city and country. Without your help we won’t be able to send these young people to South Africa. 

To support our Crowdfunder and watch a film featuring our 4 INDRA members who we want to send to the Congress please click here: