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The Barbican Theatre is my spiritual home and long may it continue. When I ‘m in the ground I hope it’s doors are still open. I was selling double-glazing and on one of my breaks I walked into the theatre. I asked what was going on and was told they were rehearsing a play upstairs so I asked if I could go and watch. That’s how naive I was – I’d never been in a theatre. I found myself in the space watching East by Berkhov. I had an epiphany. How extraordinary, to turn up to a theatre and ask to watch a rehearsal and to be given access. I can’t imagine another theatre in the country where that would happen. They’d call the police for you.

The door is always open, nobody is excluded. This place is about access, empowerment and giving people a place to express themselves. Whatever you go on to do in life, that experience will stand you in good stead.

To still be inquisitive, to still be prepared to take a chance, to still be prepared to follow an instinct or a serendipitous happening is great. I got that here.