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Lead Practitioner, COMPANY b Theatre

“The drama bug bit me at an early age when I was at primary school and has stayed with me ever since.

I have been one of the fortunate people and have been able to make a living working in the arts for the last ten years. As a practitioner my main interests are as a Playwright and Director working either freelance or more recently with my theatre company. However I always remember the impact drama has had on my life and know that not only is it a great source of fun but that it has a bigger role in helping you develop as a person and to find out who you are. For this reason, alongside my other work there has always been a strong commitment to working with young people in schools, colleges, theatres and elsewhere.

Returning to live and work in Devon in 2013 felt a lot like coming home. In 2007 I graduated with a Ba(hons) in Drama from Exeter University and returned year later to take an MA in Playwriting and script development. I was already working as a freelance practitioner at this point and had work showcased at the University, Exeter Northcott Theatre and a few other local venues. I have also since then worked in many Devon schools and business with Bigfoot Arts Education and worked on shows in the area. So to be here now at the Barbican working with people starting out in theatre is a wonderful place to be.

The ethos here at the Barbican emphasising quality, professionalism, diversity and risk taking is a brilliant one to work in and I do not see a divide between my work with professional actors elsewhere and the projects with the young people here. They are simply professionals in training and while I can bring my experience, I know that we will always learn from each other and work together to produce great pieces of work. I look forward to sharing that journey with them and sharing their talent with you.”