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FUSE Team Member 2018/19

Originally from Finland, Reetta started dancing at the age of 13, taking classes at the local dance studio. After 6 years of training in Hip Hop, House and Jazz in Finland, in 2015 she was accepted into the Dance: Urban Practise course in the University of East London and is a recent graduate.

After moving to London she had the chance to experience the London dance scene and work with various artists including Brian Gillespie, Kenrick Sandy,Ricardo Dasilva, Joseph Toonga and Duwane Taylor. Her latest performance opportunities include the Vaults Festival in 2017 with Joseph Toonga in Still We Dream and the EastWall in 2018 with Duwane Taylor directed by Hofesh Schecter. Now she is seeking opportunities in the dance industry as a young artist, dancer and choreographer.