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Theatre wasn’t my culture. None of my family were theatre goers. I probably went to see a play twice in my life before I got involved. My sister did and A level in Theatre Studies at Plymouth College of Further Education and I helped her with a puppet show and I really enjoyed it. I was just drawn to this wonderful world where you get to be someone else.

I joined a youth group at the Barbican – that time was really instrumental in kick-starting a career for me. I got to learn movement, singing, text, pretty much everything at the same time. We were getting our fill of absolutely everything. I was hooked and stayed with the theatre for many years. It became my home.

All of the dance schools were in London so I left Plymouth and went to make my fortune with £100 and a backpack! I’m happy to say I made it in dance, and I made it in theatre and now I’m lucky to be teaching and it’s to give something back. It was good that the theatre came along for me. It just changed me. My feelings for the place and the people are huge. It’s such an important venue, what the people are trying to do there is important and it deserves to endure.

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