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Voices for Change / The Indra Congress

Indra is an international congress, which brings young people from across the globe together to share, explore, break apart and resolve human experiences of conflict through the Arts.


Indra consists of groups in the UK; Plymouth, Durham, Burnley, Bolton and Derry, Northern Ireland; whilst internationally groups exist in India, Palestine, South Africa, Canada, Greece, Cyprus and BrazilThe groups work independently on exploring the conflicts in their local communities and use the arts for conflict transformation.

Over the years the groups have met in Plymouth for a Global congress, which involved a sharing of the groups work and stories. The week culminated in a parade through the city centre as a celebration of the unity of the work. In 2013 the global congress took place in Derry, Northern Ireland as part of the City of Culture celebrations.

This year Plymouth hosts and interim congress in preparation for Palestine 2016.

The Plymouth Indra group are working on issues that lie close to the hearts of the young people of Plymouth whilst working with Barbican Theatre’s Arts Force group to organise the events of this years congress in July.